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Editorial Designs

Splints & Daisies extends our expertise beyond traditional events to cater to artistic and editorial purposes through our bespoke floral design services. Our Styled Floral Shoots are meticulously crafted to enhance the visual narrative of editorial content, brand campaigns, and artistic projects. Whether it’s for a magazine feature, a fashion editorial, or a brand’s marketing materials, our floral arrangements are designed to evoke emotions and add a layer of sophistication and creativity to every shot.

Our team collaborates closely with photographers, stylists, and art directors to understand the creative vision and thematic requirements of each project. We bring this vision to life with carefully chosen blooms and foliage that complement the aesthetic and tone of the shoot. From dramatic, bold arrangements that make a statement to subtle, delicate compositions that add a touch of elegance, our designs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each editorial context.

Additionally, we offer full design and styling services that go beyond floral arrangements. This includes sourcing unique props, designing set pieces, and coordinating with other creative professionals to ensure a cohesive and stunning visual outcome. Our commitment to artistic excellence and attention to detail ensures that every styled shoot not only meets but exceeds the creative expectations of our clients, making Splints & Daisies the go-to florist for those looking to create compelling and beautiful photographic content.

Let Splints & Daisies transform your next event with the natural beauty and sophistication of custom-designed floral arrangements and decor.

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