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About Splints & Daisies

Splints & Daisies is a distinguished floral design studio where the elegance of nature meets the artistry of bespoke floral arrangements. Our studio specializes in creating unique and stunning floral displays for weddings, special events, editoral shoots, and everyday occasions, each designed to reflect the individual style and vision of our clients.

Founded in 2000, Splints & Daisies has grown from a deep-seated love for all things floral and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced and domestically grown flowers, which not only ensures the freshest blooms but also supports local agriculture and minimizes environmental impact. Our eco-friendly practices extend beyond our choice of flowers; we consciously avoid harmful materials like floral foam, opting instead for sustainable alternatives that allow nature’s beauty to shine responsibly.

At Splints & Daisies, we believe that floral design is more than just decoration; it’s a way to create atmosphere, evoke emotion, and make every occasion truly memorable. Our expert florists blend creative flair with meticulous attention to detail, crafting floral pieces that range from subtly elegant to breathtakingly bold.

Located in Lancaster County, PA, and servicing a wide range of areas including Philadelphia, York, Harrisburg, and the Finger Lakes, Splints & Daisies is also ready to travel for destination weddings and events. Each project we undertake is a new opportunity to bring joy and beauty into our clients’ lives through the power of flowers.

Let Splints & Daisies transform your next event with floral designs that do more than decorate—they inspire. Connect with us to discuss your vision, and together, let’s create something beautiful and sustainable.



"Splints and daisies created the most beautifully dark and moody floral arrangements for our wedding and we could not be happier! They were exactly as we envisioned and so much more. I asked Tara to create a greenery heavy, dark and moody vibe and believe she delivered exactly that."

Alli Landino

"When looking at florists, Splints & Daisies was the only one that stood out. Their beautiful story, creative and bold design was what pulled me in. Tara was so communicative throughout the two year planning process. I apologized so many times for all of my questions and changes made but she assured my feelings and questions were totally valid. I cherish that quality in a professional. I am still obsessed with how she made my vision come to life. The pricing was more than reasonable and absolutely worth it all."

Victoria Mirzoeff

"Most amazing florist to work with. It was so easy to connect with Tara from the very beginning. She was able to bring our vison to life and really listened to what we were looking for. Tara and her team create the most beautiful arrangements. All of our florals exceeded our expectations. Tara was super easy to communicate with throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for creating the most beautiful florals."

Deanna Wei

Meet Tara, Owner and Lead Designer

“When I was a little girl, I would go out into Nanny’s garden, pick orange marigolds and pink snapdragons, mash them and mix them with water, then bottle the mixture up and give it to her as perfume.”

Meet Tara, the heart and soul behind Splints & Daisies. From a young age, Tara’s adventurous spirit led her to explore the natural world, sometimes with humorous results, like the time she nibbled on her mother’s houseplants as a rambunctious toddler. These early escapades may have caused a few calls to poison control, but they also sparked a deep, lifelong passion for everything lush and living.

Tara’s journey into floristry is deeply rooted in a family legacy of artistic talent, making floral design her chosen form of creative expression. She has spent her entire life with her hands in the dirt, transforming her affinity for flora into breathtaking floral designs. Her work not only reflects her profound connection to nature but also her artistic vision, bringing a unique blend of creativity and natural beauty to weddings and special events.

When she’s not crafting stunning floral arrangements, Tara embraces the great outdoors to the fullest. Whether hiking, gardening, or kayaking, she finds joy and inspiration in the tranquility of nature. Tara lives with her husband Jason on a charming farmette in Lancaster County, PA, where they enjoy the companionship of their dog Hazel, a sometimes-friendly cat, and two spirited goats. Together, they are cultivating a sustainable, off-grid lifestyle near Ithaca, NY, embracing a future that’s both eco-conscious and self-reliant.

Splints & Daisies offers bespoke floral design for weddings and special events, along with delightful flower arrangements for everyday occasions. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation and let us bring a touch of nature’s magic to your wedding or special event.

The Story Behind Our Name: Splints & Daisies

The name Splints & Daisies encapsulates the origins and ongoing commitment to natural materials of the business founded in 2000. Initially, Tara’s passion spanned beyond floral arrangements, involving the craft of splint basket weaving—a technique that uses wood splints to create intricate, robust baskets. This craft highlighted a broader dedication to using natural materials, which at that time included not only basket weaving but also the creation of dried floral arrangements and a handmade soap and body care line.

This commitment to traditional crafts and natural materials was prominently showcased when Tara was honored with the opportunity to teach basket weaving to the cast of the movie “The Village,” including the acclaimed actress Sigourney Weaver. This memorable experience reinforced the brand’s connection to artisanal skills and left a lasting impact.

Although basket weaving was eventually phased out from the day-to-day activities, its influence on the brand’s identity was significant. Splints & Daisies had already been established as a symbol of quality craftsmanship and uniqueness. Considering the name’s recognition and its association with such a unique claim to fame, changing it as the focus shifted solely to floral design seemed unnecessary.

Today, Splints & Daisies remains a testament to the business’s roots in traditional craftsmanship and its evolution into a premier floral design studio. It represents a narrative of creativity, sustainability, and continuity, which is evident in every arrangement crafted under its name.

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