General Workshops

Join us for an engaging and enjoyable floral design workshop! Perfect for anyone looking to have a great time while learning the art of floral arrangement, our workshops are open to the public. You can either gather a group of friends and request a private session to create your own centerpieces or wreaths, or stay tuned to our social media for announcements on scheduled workshops.

All workshops feature locally sourced, seasonal materials, ensuring you work with the freshest ingredients while crafting beautiful, natural designs.

1:1 Workshops

We provide tailored one-on-one classes for aspiring florists and those looking to refine their skills, right here in our studio and barn. Each session is custom-designed to suit your specific aspirations and current proficiency level. Our expert guidance covers everything from design and mechanics to pricing strategies and business operations, all while emphasizing sustainability.

For those interested in a comprehensive learning experience, our full-day one-on-one sessions include the services of a professional photographer and a model. This is an excellent opportunity to not only enhance your skills but also expand your portfolio with beautifully captured floral designs. Join us to elevate your floristry craft in a supportive and inspiring environment.









Connect With Splints & Daisies

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